Additive Manufacturing.

A multitude of features and material options make Vafer your favourite Professional 3D Printer.


It is commonly known as 3D Printing, it is a process of manufacturing a part by adding material on a platform, one layer at a time. There are a number of 3D Printing technologies with each having their own pros and cons and each being able to print parts from a variety of materials.


The parts of any complexity can be manufactured, which is one of the specialities of 3D Printing. 3D Printing isn't dependent on expensive tooling having essentially minimal start-up costs. The major advantage of this is the quick development and verification of the prototypes and low volume production parts. FFF Fused Filament Fabrication Technology is the most common by far as it is the most affordable technology people can use in their homes as well i.e. Desktop 3D Printing.

A giant leap in the field of modern science, particularly in the domain of additive the manufacturing process is the creation of 3D Printers. Each one of these 3d Printers uses a digital design which acts as a framework on which the actual physical product, which is to be printed, is based on. For doing this, careful and precise sections of the digital design is made, so that it can be sent to the 3d printer to copy. Now, depending on the technological requirements, the procedure changes too, be it a small desktop printer, or that of a cumbersome industrial printer.