About Us


Headquartered in Delhi, 3D Paradise is a team of a highly passionate and dedicated team of innovative engineers, creative designers and solution providers. We believe in substantiating any abstract object by creating quality 3D Printers for commercial and non-commercial purposes. At 3D Paradise, we aspire to aid our clients to interact with their design in a futuristic fashion, using state of the art technology and insightful technocrats on board. Our ultimate vision is to make 3D Printing technology more accessible and actionable to the diverse class of users that 3D Paradise caters to. We are committed to being India's leader in 3D printing research. Guaranteeing our customers the most reliable and cost-efficient machines available in the market, while incorporating the latest technology. We aspire to a hundred per cent customer satisfaction, from machines themselves to the technology, the supplemental materials and the customer service.

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